Starter SPA issues

I installed this theme locally, and I ran into a few problems. When I click one of the WordPress admin links at the top of the page (Customize, Edit Page, etc.) I get “404/Not found”. The URL appears in the address bar, and I have to position the cursor in it and hit enter to open the link. Whether I’m logged in or not, when I type the site URL into the address bar, it opens on the 404 page, and I have to click one of the menu links to see the page. I have it set up for a static home page, by the way. Starter SPA ready for download

A new Starter Theme is available for download under You can generate a well-documented Theme to develop a Single Page Application (SPA).

It’s a so called Starter Theme which means that WordPress Developers can use it as a basis for creating new websites.


This Theme has been developed from scratch using Web Components and Page Routing. Polymer and all required Elements are included and can be kept up-to-date using Bower.

The Source Code is licensed under GPLv2 and has been published on GitHub.

More details can be found here

#material-design, #polymer, #starter, #theme

multiple countup numbers in one row?

Multiple countup numbers are stacked on top of each other; I would like them to spread in one row and also have headers. I was not able to add the shortcode to an ACF table nor was I able to input the  shortcode and table code in the page’s source code. Any advice? Tx.

Countup in a widget

I used the Countup as in This looks good at a page or post. However, in a widget it doesn’t work. Is a method available to make this work in a widget too?



I really appreciate your work on the Starter theme but would it be possible to add a Sass version of the theme?