I can edit main.scss, watch…

I can edit main.scss, watch runs and it all works, except options.
I change color vars – $red: for example, i change breakpoints, $grid-breakpoints, but no any change i see in the theme.

I’m trying to change the…

I’m trying to change the bootstrap theme background. I used this in the main.scss
// Body
$body-bg: $gray-600;
$body-color: $gray-900;

I also tried adding css:
body {
background-color: #f9f1e0;
but it isn’t working

my other changes work just fine so npm is working fine.


I’ve been investigating your theme…

I’ve been investigating your theme and like the simplicity and that it already includes basics such as the Bootstrap menu walker that designers like myself don’t really want to build.

I’m coming from using FoundationPress for number of years which did not facilitate child themes.

Somewhere on your site I saw a note on regarding child themes and build tools. I’m not finding it now. I want to set a child theme and use sass. I’m not clear how to do this with them.es and I haven’t set a child theme in a sass environment. So, looking for some reference for this.

Hello, I installed the starter…

Hello, I installed the starter spa theme and am having trouble with the navigation menu. In wp-admin, I created the menu items with sub menu item, but they are not nested. Also, the menu is not scrollable so you cant see the menu items that are “below the fold”. Not sure if the theme even supports this, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!

Using wordpress 5.2. Ive attached screenshots of the admin menu builder and a screenshot of the websites homescreen.

This content has been marked as private!

This content has been marked as private!

Starter SPA issues

I installed this theme locally, and I ran into a few problems. When I click one of the WordPress admin links at the top of the page (Customize, Edit Page, etc.) I get “404/Not found”. The URL appears in the address bar, and I have to position the cursor in it and hit enter to open the link. Whether I’m logged in or not, when I type the site URL into the address bar, it opens on the 404 page, and I have to click one of the menu links to see the page. I have it set up for a static home page, by the way.

them.es Starter SPA ready for download

A new Starter Theme is available for download under them.es/starter-SPA. You can generate a well-documented Theme to develop a Single Page Application (SPA).

It’s a so called Starter Theme which means that WordPress Developers can use it as a basis for creating new websites.


This Theme has been developed from scratch using Web Components and Page Routing. Polymer and all required Elements are included and can be kept up-to-date using Bower.

The Source Code is licensed under GPLv2 and has been published on GitHub.

More details can be found here http://www.klicc.at/en/blog/2015/06/08/new-wordpress-starter-theme-available-for-free

#material-design, #polymer, #starter, #theme

multiple countup numbers in one row?

Multiple countup numbers are stacked on top of each other; I would like them to spread in one row and also have headers. I was not able to add the shortcode to an ACF table nor was I able to input the  shortcode and table code in the page’s source code. Any advice? Tx.

Countup in a widget

I used the Countup as in http://them.es/plus/countup/. This looks good at a page or post. However, in a widget it doesn’t work. Is a method available to make this work in a widget too?



I really appreciate your work on the Starter theme but would it be possible to add a Sass version of the theme?