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Invoices, Quotes, Accounting, Contacts, To dos and Time tracking.




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  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Accounting
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme that supports the Block Editor—inheriting the styles of your theme
  • Intuitive, Modular, Fully customizable via your theme settings
  • Post templates with global header and footer
  • PDF Export
  • Dashboard widget
  • WYSIWYG, Real-time calculation
  • Unique and sequential invoice numbers
  • Extensible
  • Privacy by design
  • No external dependencies
  • Multilingual: You can help translating the Plugin into your language
  • OpenSource GPLv2+



One-time payment No recurring fees VAT may be applied at checkout 14 days money back guarantee

  • Add-on for the basic Billy plugin
  • Contacts: Address book, vCards, Stats
  • Invoices+: Contact selector, Set current status, QR code payment
  • Quotes+: Contact selector, Set current status, Invoice-autocreation from a quote
  • Accounting+: Invoice-autosync, Autofilter, Exporter, Stats
  • To dos: Keep track of the progress of a project in a Kanban-style board
  • Time tracking: Keep track of project work hours
  • PDF-Customization: Add custom CSS and Upload a webfont
  • Send Invoices and Quotes as PDF attachment via a webform
  • UBL e-invoices
  • WooCommerce: Auto-create invoices from orders
  • Never forget birthdays of your contacts with the Upcoming Birthdays dashboard widget
  • Show additional information like Contact, Status and Due date in the post admin columns
  • GDPR-compliant by hooking into the WordPress Export Personal Data tool
  • Support
  • Fair deal: Lifetime-license and free updates with new features to come

Version 1.5.2

Billy "free"
WordPress 6.0+
PHP 8.0+

Currency conversions are estimated and for informational purposes only. The billing currency is EUR. Depending on your billing country VAT may apply.

  1. Simple, yet powerful
    Create Invoices and Quotes, Prepare Accounting records and Manage all your Contacts [PRO], Create To dos [PRO] or Track your time [PRO].
  2. Not reinventing the wheel
    The plugin integrates seamlessly into an existing WordPress site and reuses the theme styles. A simple workflow saves you valuable time and helps staying focused on your business.
  3. Privacy by design
    No data is shared with third-parties and you’re in full control of all information published. The post visibility of Billy data is “private” by default.
  4. Core WordPress
    Making use of the Customize API, Custom Post Types, Blocks and Templates.
  5. Riskless and extensible to work more efficiently
    Billy Free is a basic OpenSource version to get started and has been published in the WordPress Plugin directory.
    Billy PRO is an add-on that comes with dedicated Support, enhancements like Contact management, Email webform to quickly send Invoices and Quotes to contacts, QR code payment by simply scanning a QR code from a mobile banking app, Stats & Charts. Useful project management tools like To do checklist boards and Time tracking come as a bonus.

Feature comparison*

BillySimilar products (WordPress)Similar products (SaaS)
Free OpenSource version with basic functionality /
One time payment for the Pro version
Small codebase:
Seamless integration in WordPress
Core technology only
Fast load time
No external dependencies required to get started
Self hosted:
No limitations
Full control over the infrastructure and data
Powered by WordPress:
User roles
Gutenberg ready
Customizable and extensible
Individual backup strategy
All-in-one project management solution:
UBL e-invoices
QR code payment
Email invoices and quotes to clients
To dos (Kanban-style boards)
Time tracking
Privacy by design /
User data request workflow /


*Our product gets compared with typical products and platforms that hold a dominant position on the market

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