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The Source Code of the Plugin is released under GPLv2 (or later) and has been shared on GitHub.


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Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

All our Themes are already localized in English/German and include the required POT, PO and MO files to translate all strings into your language

Build tools

Several scripts for downloading the frontend dependencies and for compiling source files are included

Having trouble?

Share knowledge and get help from the community in our Support Forum!


*Please have a look at the following FAQs before submitting a new question!

If you’ve already read the steps in the General Setup Guide and looked at the Demo Theme you can visit the Forum and search for for answers or ask for help.

Support covers assistance in Setting up a Theme, dealing with potential Bugs and gathering new Feature Requests.

The Starter Themes are a free WordPress Themes based on Bootstrap, Material Design and Polymer Webcomponents. A Starter Theme should ONLY be used by professionals as a basis for developing custom Web projects.

The Source Code of our Starter Theme has been uploaded to public GitHub Repositories and we would like to encourage other developers to contribute in enhancing the Themes.

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a site builder developed by the WordPress community that brings the features of the WordPress Block editor to all parts of the website.

Themes that are ready for Full Site Editing include predefined templates, template parts and various site options and settings that can easily be customized.

Learn more: Full Site Editing Handbook

The purpose of a Starter theme is to start developing from scratch to build an individual website. Therefor it should not be used as a Parent Theme. Creating a Child Theme for one of the Starter Themes is not required and not recommended.

Autoupdates only make sense for predesigned Themes which are very restrictive in customization or for multipurpose Themes which usually have a bloated code base and a slow load time because of included settings, features and components no one ever needs.

1. You should be familiar in Working with WordPress and have read the WordPress tutorial Adding new Themes.
2. If you want to install a new Theme, WordPress needs to be up and running on your Server (Preferably in the latest version). Unfortunately we cannot support you on general questions related to your CMS or to your Server Setup.
3. If you’re using Plugins, make sure that they are updated to the latest version.
4. A general Step-by-step tutorial has been created and should be read carefully before setting up your pages or before getting in touch in our forums. The official Demo Theme instances have additional information which can be useful.
5. Don’t forget to create Backups before making any major changes to your Website.

Everyone who has signed up can submit new requests or reply to existing requests.

Customers who have purchased products can use their existing account to access the forum. In general their requests will receive priority support.

Unfortunately Support requests cannot be executed in realtime … we’re only humans. 

Response times can differ from case to case and some issues may be prioritized based on an internal Severity ranking.

Please try to explain the issue as accurate as possible and provide a link if necessary. Reproducing problems can be tough if important information is missing.

All inquiries will be processed sooner or later! Don’t spam the Forum or send duplicate requests. This can result in blocking access.
A good advice is to add Tags to your requests and to Flag requests as (Un)Resolved!

We cannot help you installing WordPress on your Server. Furthermore we don’t provide any support for Third-party Plugins.

If you need general help on WordPress we refer to the official WordPress Forum or to the StackExchange Group.

Thanks for your understanding.

Our test environment is built upon a clean WordPress installation.

For compatibility and security reasons we recommend to always use the latest version. Keep your WordPress system updated and don’t forget to make regular backups!

Our Starter Themes use WordPress’ Theme Customization API which allows you to tweak Settings, modify the Color scheme and see a preview of those changes in real time.

If you’re familiar with Theme development and need to make deeper changes, we recommend to use the included build tools or to create a Child Theme. In this way upgrades to a new version will be a piece of cake.

Our Starter Themes are built with care and do work with WordPress 5.0 — But please note that the Starter Themes only include minimal styles. This means that you have to include any Block-specific styles by yourself.

Plugins should work with our Themes but please use them at own risk.

If you need Support on external Plugins you need to contact the Plugin author.

First contact should always be our Support forum.

For specific questions or concerns you can send us an Email to