• What happened?

    Your Bootstrap theme, simple and straightforward, used to work like a charm. Now it’s a pain in the **s to install and configure, it’s clunky as hell and takes hours to debug in VScode and Flywheel. Why guys?!

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    1. them.es Avatar

      We’re always open to constructive feedback – even if it’s negative – but without further details your complaint can’t be taken seriously.

      • Are you really sure that the clunkiness you notice is related to the theme?
      • Which theme version worked well and when did the problems you assume first occur?
      • Is your software (OS, PHP, database, NPM, webpack, etc.) up-to-date?
      • Are you using the latest WordPress version?
      • Which plugins are installed?
      • Did you try it on a fresh and clean WordPress installation?
      • Could you share your server logs?

      So many questions 🤨

    2. zabzabzab64 Avatar

      theme is the latest Bootstrap theme available on your site
      MacOS Sonoma, Flywheel local Version 8.1.0+6514, PHP 8, Apache, MySQL 8.0.16, npm 10.2.4, webpack 5.89.0
      Wordpress 6.4.1
      No plugin yet, project is blank
      Our main problem is it worked well… with Gulp. It’s much more complicated to have it work between flywheel & webpack, the whole process is quite confusing to say the least

      1. them.es Avatar

        Well, we don’t force you to use the new webpack config which, by the way, is much leaner and at the same time more future proof because it makes use of a WordPress internal configuration file.
        Feel free to implement the old Gulp setup if it better suits your specific needs.

        Here you can download the legacy Gulpfile: https://github.com/them-es/themes-starter-bootstrap/blob/24ac88a2738eaeeaf49b42a1d6ce28bb8601fd8d/gulpfile.js
        And here is the legacy webpack config: https://github.com/them-es/themes-starter-bootstrap/blob/3b2b6db5b26337f68b795c2c2c0dd152ccdd6987/webpack.config.js

        The weird thing is that webpack already has been implemented in the past for bundling the JS files. And webpack or any frontend assets are completely independent from the server setup (i.e. Local “Flywheel”).

        You could play around with the webpack config and for instance change the mode setting to "development". This should speed up compile time but you would have to rebuild the assets for production before deploying them live.
        Probably there is always room for improvements in the current webpack configuration. Pull requests are welcome!

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