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Using the starter wp bootstrap theme, I’ve incorporated a banner to remain above the navbar. However, there is an issue where it overlaps with the navbar when the Fixed Top header option is selected. I’m seeking assistance to resolve this matter. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my code:

                <p class="phone-number" style="color: ">

                <p class="address" style="color: ">


                            " target="_blank">">
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    The code you shared seems to be broken and uses invalid HTML. In general, if an element overlaps the header you may be able to solve the issue by increasing or decreasing the z-index value or by changing the top value so that the header will be placed below the top-bar. Another possibility would be to try adding position: sticky to your header and to the top banner.

    Since this issue is not related to the theme code, I’m going to mark it as resolved. If you still have questions you should consult a frontend developer.

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    My problem is that top bar that I put above the navbar overlaps the navbar by 50% and it happens only when fixed to top header is selected.
    I need to have a div above header that will not overlap the header when “fixed to Top” is selected in header customize section. If the header is selected as static it does not show any issue. Only when the “fixed to top” is sleceted it overlaps the header half way down.

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