20 years WordPress

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Today our favorite CMS celebrates its 20th anniversary 🎉. A special website dedicated to this event has been established by the WordPress team:

What started as a way to make a better blogging experience has grown into a vibrant open source project that powers an ever-growing percentage of the world’s websites.


Let’s commemorate some historic milestones, the WordPress project passed within two decades:

May 2003: WordPress 0.7 – The first release

January 2004: WordPress 1.0

May 2004: Support for plugins

August 2006: The first WordCamp has been organized

December 2008: Automatic upgrades with a single click

June 2010: Multisite functionality

October 2013: Automatic maintenance and security background updates

December 2015: The WP-API has been integrated

December 2018: A new block-based Editor

July 2021: theme.json

January 2022: Full Site Editing

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