Hi, i have error on…

Hi, i have error on my console and I have error in my terminal when I run npm run watch
“WARNING in asset size limit: The following asset(s) exceed the recommended size limit (244 KiB).
This can impact web performance.
main.css (284 KiB)

WARNING in entrypoint size limit: The following entrypoint(s) combined asset size exceeds the recommended limit (244 KiB). This can impact web performance.
main (484 KiB)

WARNING in webpack performance recommendations:
You can limit the size of your bundles by using import() or require.ensure to lazy load some parts of your application.
For more info visit https://webpack.js.org/guides/code-splitting/

How to solve this error


When my site is loading, this link https://tl.ytlogs.ru/timesince is running in the background.
I use this start theme for two my projects, now i have problems.

I get this /#more-57 in…

I get this /#more-57 in my url from archive page on read-more link. SO how can I get rid of it?