Looking for a Billing solution powered by WordPress?

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working hard on the latest addition to our product line – a complete billing suite powered by WordPress – and we’re happy to announce that the free version has been shipped to the WordPress Plugin directory recently 🙌🏻

If you are working as a Freelancer or are responsible for Accounting&Billing in a small agency and are looking for an easy-to-use, future-proof and privacy-related solution to create Invoices, Quotes and basic Accounting records, go on and give Billy a try.

  1. Install Billy on your WordPress website
  2. Test it, provide feedback and
  3. Submit a review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (if possible)

The plugin will work with any WordPress theme that supports the (new) Block editor.

Any valuable comments and suggestions are highly appreciated and will be examined. In the meantime we are getting the PRO add-on ready which will soon be available for purchase under https://them.es/plugins/billy.

It will have some really useful features and integrates CRM tools which will speed up your billing process rapidly.

  • Contact mangement
  • Upcoming Birthdays widget
  • Enhanced billing features
  • Useful stats & charts
  • Integration of the WordPress Export Personal Data tool
  • …and much more

Since it will be available as an add-on for the basic version, installing the free Plugin from the WordPress directory is required in any case – so nothing is ever lost by checking Billy out.

Stay tuned!

I’ve been investigating your theme…

I’ve been investigating your theme and like the simplicity and that it already includes basics such as the Bootstrap menu walker that designers like myself don’t really want to build.

I’m coming from using FoundationPress for number of years which did not facilitate child themes.

Somewhere on your site I saw a note on regarding child themes and build tools. I’m not finding it now. I want to set a child theme and use sass. I’m not clear how to do this with them.es and I haven’t set a child theme in a sass environment. So, looking for some reference for this.

GitHub Gists

Find useful WordPress related code snippets in our new GitHub Gists repo:


Goodbye Grunt…

Important notice: The Grunt config in our Starter Themes got replaced by gulp + webpack in the latest releases.

Gulp is quite similar to Grunt and allows to automate tasks like SASS > CSS compilation.

Webpack makes bundling of (Javascript) modules a breeze. The main advantage of bundling modules into a single file is that static assets get a smaller file size.

Including and bundling new Javascript modules is really easy and works out-of-the-box with the given configuration. A tutorial which explains how to include webpack modules to main.js can be found here: https://webpack.js.org/concepts/modules

Material Design Components v3 and v3.1 released


The Material Design Starter Theme has been updated to work with this release. Only a minor code change had to be made to the fixed mdc-top-app-bar.


Bootstrap receives a Long Term Support Plan

Each major version of Bootstrap will receive at least six months of support after it is retired, followed by six months of critical bug fixes and security updates.

This official announcement from the Bootstrap team is important as website maintenance and update planning will be more projectable for developers.


According to this blog post, Bootstrap v3 will not receive security updates anymore and that’s why the Bootstrap 3 download option has been marked as deprecated and will be removed shortly. Once Bootstrap v5 is published, this new version will become our default Starter Theme and Bootstrap v4 will become an optional download.

#bootstrap, #lts, #support

Goodbye jQuery…

We’ve removed jQuery as a frontend dependency for the Material Design and the Polymer Single Page Application Starter Themes.
Please note that jQuery is still needed on the WordPress dashboard and will be loaded there!

jQuery was very useful a while ago but browser support for modern web standards has improved a lot and most JS frameworks started to drop any external dependencies in favor of plain/vanilla JS.

Reducing the loading time of web applications and minimizing HTTP requests is one of the main goals of many developers. And since jQuery is an external library which needs to be downloaded first, avoiding it (if possible) makes a lot of sense.

Further reading:

#jquery, #js, #vanillajs

React WP-API boilerplate

Our latest boilerplate has been published on Github. This is a great starting point for developers who need to create a headless WordPress Single Page Application.

WP-API ReactJS Boilerplate

Please note that you need to have a deeper knowledge of WordPress, NPM, Javascript/ReactJS and Bootstrap in order to be able to use this boilerplate.

Go to the GitHub repository, download the boilerplate and follow the instructions.

The Source Code is licensed under GPLv2 and has been published on GitHub.

A simple setup tutorial can be found in the Readme of the repository.

#boilerplate, #headless-cms, #reactjs, #wp-api

Hello, I installed the starter…

Hello, I installed the starter spa theme and am having trouble with the navigation menu. In wp-admin, I created the menu items with sub menu item, but they are not nested. Also, the menu is not scrollable so you cant see the menu items that are “below the fold”. Not sure if the theme even supports this, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!

Using wordpress 5.2. Ive attached screenshots of the admin menu builder and a screenshot of the websites homescreen.

[Attachment: frontend-menu-not-nested_284946554.jpg]
[Attachment: wp-admin-menu-sub-items_1082014779.jpg]

Material Components for the web…

Material Components for the web 2.0 has been released recently with new features and bugfixes. The WordPress Material Starter Theme has been tested with the latest version 2.2 and the code base got updated.

Feel free to use it for your next project!

#material-design, #theme