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Billy – our Billing suite for WordPress – has received some useful updates in the latest release and even comes with new features essential for project management.

Quote numbers can now be auto-incremented, similar to invoices. This is optional and the old default “Ymd” number format is still available. An useful addition to invoice and quote number prefixes are placeholder variables like {YEAR}, {MONTH} and {DAY} which means that you are able to define number formats like INV-2024-05-13-12345678910 or similar.

A highly requested feature was having an editable PDF footer layout. That’s why a reusable block pattern, similar to the PDF header, has been added in the block editor.

In addition, the PDF table output has been improved and inner borders have been enabled by default. Note that in the Pro version the PDF styles (of the table design and even more) can still be modified using custom CSS.

Speaking about the Billy Pro add-on. This release has received a major upgrade with two completely new enhancements and is available for all existing customers, having a lifetime license, with no additional costs. And the price for new users will not be raised.

We’ve developed a basic project management suite, incorporating Kanban-style to-do lists and a simple time tracking tool.

By ensuring a smooth workflow and using a modular approach with full WordPress block editor compatibility, the editing experience should be an easy ride.

With the addition of new Billy admin pages, the time had come to restructure and combine all pages in a single dashboard menu in order to keep the WordPress admin sidebar tidy.

An important advice as this can’t be said often enough: Your WordPress data will never leave your server and guarding against data corruption, breach or loss should be a matter of course. That’s even more important after Billy’s evolvement to a full project management suite.

First of all it’s vital to care about your site’s health and keep your system up-to-date. In addition a proper backup strategy should not be neglected – and in this case the WordPress ecosystem can provide lots of mature backup and restoration solutions that get the job done easily.

When was the last time you reviewed and improved this process?

Many thanks 👋 to the engaged community for the valuable feedback that initiated the work on some of these features und bug fixes. There are still some requests and ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more!

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