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Are you managing an online community around a šŸ¢ business, āš½ hobby or šŸŽ€ cause where users can discuss topics with others – like we did here on this site you’re browsing right now? Are you in technical evaluation phase or unhappy with your current implementation? And is WordPress your go-to tool?

Look no further, because we’re now selling a slick, flexible and well-crafted WordPress Theme for this very purpose.

Purchase the Support Community Theme

What you’ll get…

  • Support is a Block Theme powered by WordPress 6.5+ making use of the new Interactivity API, so all the standard features from WordPress, like enhanced query pagination, posts, comments, user profiles, categories, tags are available out of the box
  • Convenient Community and effective User management features
    • Users can Mark topics as (un)resolved
    • Users can Like posts/comments
    • Users can Report posts/comments for admin review
    • Users can Search with an autocomplete feature
    • @user mentions
    • Unresolved topics widget
    • Markdown syntax
    • Users can upload an Avatar
    • Users can request a data export from the profile
    • Frontend editing experience powered by the new Interactivity API
  • The design with two built-in styles (Light/Dark) can be fully customized in the Site Editor
  • Alternatively it can be extended with a Child Theme, like we did here by integrating a unique design and adding several internal add-ons like a file uploader or widgets connecting to external services or APIs
  • All customers purchasing a license will get continuous Support with future updates

How to purchase…

How to customize…

  • Smaller adjustments like style updates, adding a custom webfont or editing existing templates can be performed directly in the Site Editor
  • For deeper modifications or if the code needs to be extended with new features, it’s recommended to develop a Child Theme or a Plugin

It would be great to have your interest and we’re confident that you and your Community will love working with this Theme.

Feel free to ask any (presale) questions in the comments section below.

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