Bootstrap 4.2 and Bootstrap 3.4 released

Bootstrap 4.2 has been released yesterday with new features and bugfixes. Our WordPress Bootstrap Starter Theme v2.0 is fully compatible with this minor update.

Furthermore an update for Bootstrap 3 has been shipped with important bugfixes.

Happy holidays!


WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” released

WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” has been released with a new block-based Editor.

All our Starter Themes have been updated and tested with the new version.

If you would like to give it a try please make sure to backup your site and test it on a local environment first.

#gutenberg, #wordpress has been deprecated and will be removed

The plugin has not received much love recently and we decided to put it into EOSL status. This means that the code base will not receive any updates and we can not provide any support anymore. Please note that the plugin will be removed from the WordPress plugin directory and from Github (sooner or later).

Gutenberg became the new default editor in WordPress 5.0 and has superseded any shortcode driven editing experience (which is good by the way!). From now WordPress developers should put their efforts into improving Gutenberg, the future of WordPress.

In this scenario the old-fashioned doesn’t fit in.


Bootstrap 4.1 released

Bootstrap 4.1 has been released and our WordPress Bootstrap Starter Theme v2.0 is fully compatible with this minor update.

Go on and update your NPM dependencies to receive the new framework package.

Happy Coding!

#bootstrap Starter v2 ready

Bootstrap 4 has arrived and our Starter Theme has been updated with a new Code base.


  • Bower is now deprecated and the package management has been replaced by npm
  • Bootstrap has been updated to the latest release v4.0.0
  • LESS has been removed because Bootstrap 4 only supports SASS
  • New /assets directory where all Frontend related assets (img, js, css) can be bundled
  • Minor WordPress Coding improvements
  • Tested with WordPress v4.9

Download the Theme

Feel free to test out the new Starter Theme by downloading it using the Theme Generator: Starter is a free Bootstrap Starter Theme for WordPress.

Heads up: If you still want to develop with the legacy Bootstrap 3 build just select the old version in the Generator!

All sources can also be found on GitHub:

#bootstrap, #npm, #sass Starter SPA v2 ready

A new version of the Polymer Web Components Starter Theme is available for download under

It has been built with the latest Polymer v2 release!

Any questions? Leave a comment ✍️

#material-design, #polymer

Starter SPA issues

I installed this theme locally, and I ran into a few problems. When I click one of the WordPress admin links at the top of the page (Customize, Edit Page, etc.) I get “404/Not found”. The URL appears in the address bar, and I have to position the cursor in it and hit enter to open the link. Whether I’m logged in or not, when I type the site URL into the address bar, it opens on the 404 page, and I have to click one of the menu links to see the page. I have it set up for a static home page, by the way.

multiple countup numbers in one row?

Multiple countup numbers are stacked on top of each other; I would like them to spread in one row and also have headers. I was not able to add the shortcode to an ACF table nor was I able to input the  shortcode and table code in the page’s source code. Any advice? Tx.

Countup in a widget

I used the Countup as in This looks good at a page or post. However, in a widget it doesn’t work. Is a method available to make this work in a widget too?

#countup Starter MDL ready for download

A new Starter Theme is available for download under It is built using the official Material Design Lite components.

If you are a WordPress Developer you can use this Starter Theme as a basis for creating new websites.

The Source Code is licensed under GPLv2 and has been published on GitHub.

More details can be found here

#material-design, #starter, #theme