Bootstrap v3.3.4 released

A new Bootstrap version has been released and got integrated into our WordPress Starter Theme.

Get your customized Bootstrap Starter Theme under now!

#bootstrap, #starter, #theme Starter ready for download

Our first Theme is available for download under You can generate a well-documented Theme with custom function names which has an easy to read Source Code.

It’s a so called Starter Theme which means that WordPress Developers can use it as a basis for creating new websites.

This Theme has been developed from scratch using WordPress Best Practices. Bootstrap is included in the latest version and of course it is fully compatible with our free Plugin which brings useful Bootstrap Add-ons to your website.

It is licensed under GPLv2 and the Code has been published on GitHub.


#bootstrap, #starter, #theme ready for download can be downloaded in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
It’s a free Plugin which brings useful Add-ons to WordPress Themes built with Bootstrap.

The Source Code is freely available under GPLv2 and has been added to our official GitHub Profile.

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