I’m trying to change the…

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I’m trying to change the bootstrap theme background. I used this in the main.scss
// Body
$body-bg: $gray-600;
$body-color: $gray-900;

I also tried adding css:
body {
background-color: #f9f1e0;
but it isn’t working

my other changes work just fine so npm is working fine.


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  1. them.es Avatar


    it’s hard to reproduce what’s wrong with your setup without seeing the full SCSS source.
    Could you first make sure that /assets/css/main.css is writable or delete main.css and try to recompile it.

    If it’s still failing would it be possible to share your main.scss by creating a ZIP file and dragging it in the Uploader (see Sidebar)?

  2. shoe Avatar

    Okay, it’s working now. User error. Thank you. And thank you for this great theme.

    1. them.es Avatar

      Glad that you could debug the error and make it work.

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that you find the theme useful. Happy Coding!

      1. shoe Avatar

        one more question. I want to modify the main blog page loop… where is index.php calling the loop from? I see the single page loop, but not the one which lists the blog posts.

        1. them.es Avatar

          The post loop in the archive templates (i.e. index, author, category, etc.) is called via get_template_part( 'archive', 'loop' ) which loads the general archive-loop.php template. There you can see that the content-index.php template is referenced.

          index.php – https://github.com/them-es/themes-starter-bootstrap/blob/master/index.php#L22
          archive-loop.php – https://github.com/them-es/themes-starter-bootstrap/blob/master/archive-loop.php
          content-index.php – https://github.com/them-es/themes-starter-bootstrap/blob/master/content-index.php

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