• Hello, I installed the starter…

    Hello, I installed the starter spa theme and am having trouble with the navigation menu. In wp-admin, I created the menu items with sub menu item, but they are not nested. Also, the menu is not scrollable so you cant see the menu items that are “below the fold”. Not sure if the theme even supports this, so I thought I would ask. Thanks!

    Using wordpress 5.2. Ive attached screenshots of the admin menu builder and a screenshot of the websites homescreen.

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    1. them.es Avatar

      Hi jerm!

      Unfortunately nested menus are not supported in the Polymer Starter Kit which has been used as basis for the theme.
      For larger sites which need support for submenus it would be better to use the Bootstrap Starter Theme.

      Thanks for informing us about the sidebar scrolling issue. This has been fixed in the latest release: https://them.es/starter-spa

      1. jerm Avatar

        Awesome, thanks for the reply!
        I will download the latest version and give it a try. Thanks for the reply!


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