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I’ve been investigating your theme and like the simplicity and that it already includes basics such as the Bootstrap menu walker that designers like myself don’t really want to build.

I’m coming from using FoundationPress for number of years which did not facilitate child themes.

Somewhere on your site I saw a note on regarding child themes and build tools. I’m not finding it now. I want to set a child theme and use sass. I’m not clear how to do this with them.es and I haven’t set a child theme in a sass environment. So, looking for some reference for this.

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    Hi squidzink!

    Creating a child theme for one of the Starter Themes is not required and not recommended. According to the official WordPress docs a Child Theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality.
    The purpose of a Starter theme is to start developing from scratch with a small code base and not to use it as a Parent Theme.

    If you want to build a new them.es Starter Theme you need to be familiar with npm development in order to setup the required frontend build tools.
    The following resource should help you setup your DEV environment: https://them.es/starter-bootstrap/getting-started

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