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Please use this form to request the password which is required to purchase a product!

The product you’re interested in is new and still has a rather small user base. Since you’re an early adopter, we just want to get to know you personally and make sure that you’re eligible and not being thrown in at the deep end.

Furthermore we may ask you for some technical details of your stack beforehand or send you setup instructions via Email.

No. All our products are thoroughly tested before being published. But as you may know, WordPress is really huge and has countless third-party plugins and dependencies, so a 100% compatibility can never be assured. In the beginning days of the new default Block editor it was not easy for developers to keep up with the pace of the Gutenberg project.

Your feedback is important. We want to provide the best support possible and at the same time improve the quality of our software with the help of the crowd. And frankly, that’s way easier to handle when working with a smaller group of delighted people who are willing to overcome a barrier like password protection.

That’s not easy to say but generally speaking, once the product has reached enough active installations and feedback has been overall positive for a specific time – i.e. when we’re confident that everything is stable and runs smoothly – the lock out will be removed. Promised.