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I don’t like Spam!

Prevent contact form spam submissions by integrating the WordPress Comment Blocklist. Compatible with Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms and WPForms.

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WordPress Plugin


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  1. Short story behind this plugin: In May 2020 a spam botnet continuously sent spam messages through WordPress contact forms powered by Ninja Forms, which was very frustrating to a lot of users and administrators. Something had to be done about this.
  2. Not reinventing the wheel. This plugin makes use of the WordPress internal Comment Blocklist. Blocklist validation in webforms is an easy and effective way to combat spam and prevent the same patterns of junk emails from appearing in your inbox over and over again.
  3. Customizable. You can (temporarily) define the words or phrases that should protect webforms in the dashboard. The error message can be modified in the Theme Customizer.
  4. Currently the plugin is only compatible with Ninja Forms (see #1), Caldera Forms and WPForms.
  5. If you ask yourself why we picked this specific plugin name and a viking helmet as plugin icon you should watch the video* below ;)

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*Just for fun. Video source © Vimeo