Billy › Setup


Make sure that you have a working WordPress installation using the latest version.


Install and Activate Billy.

[Optional] Purchase, Install and Activate Billy PRO. This can also be done after you thoroughly tested the free version.

Initial setup

Open the WordPress Theme Customizer and modify all global settings like name, address, currency, business information and payment terms.

Define the initial invoice number if it shouldn’t start from 0.

If you’ve purchased a license for the PRO version, don’t forget to enter the license key to receive automatic updates.

Now you are ready to create your first Invoice, Quote and Accounting record.

QR Code template [PRO]

If you would like your customers to pay invoices with their mobile E-Banking app you need to define a QR code template using placeholder variables. To help you get started with this feature we’ve developed a QR Payment Code generator.

Right now the QR code template generator supports the European Payments Council (EPC) payment standard.