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Always use a controlled environment or development instance if possible and be sure to have a current backup of your database before you try out new Plugins.

If you notice any conflicts or unexpected errors with one of our products, let us know by filing a bug report. Please include all information required to be able to reproduce the issue.

Do you notice any error messages when activating the Plugin?
Which CMS version is being used?
Which Themes/Plugins are activated. Do you have the latest versions installed?
Do you use a PHP version which is up-to-date and still supported?
Which Operating system and Browser version is being used?

A Live test is not possible but you can go to the Showcase page to see all premium features of the plugin.

When you purchase an activation key, you can use the product for as long as you want. Future updates and bug fixes may be limited according to the purchase agreement.

If not stated otherwise you purchase a product for a one-time license fee with no subscriptions or recurring payments.

Online payments are handled by an external payment provider. All major credit cards are supported.

First copy any error details or create a screenshot.

Retry your purchase.

If the error persists, send an Email to explaining the error.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: First of all, including Plugin specific code in a theme is a bad idea because it prevents installing important updates.

Once you purchased an activation key you are permitted to install the Plugin on your own WordPress instance(s).

Automatic updates are limited to the number of possible installs according to the license plan you purchased. License keys must never be shared with third-parties or included within the code.

Once your order is complete you should receive an Email with a download link.

You can always log in to Account and select the download tab to find all available downloads.

Please make sure that you successfully activated the Plugin by entering the activation key.

If auto-updates still don’t work, send us an Email to with the following details:

– Your Username
– Domain

– PHP version of your server
– WordPress version
– Plugin version

By the way. You can always download the latest version by logging in to Account.

If your purchase has been successful and you didn’t receive a confirmation Email (also have a look in your Spam folder) and your purchase doesn’t show up under Downloads send us an Email including your purchase details and the exact purchase time to

Download the source file and install the Plugin by uploading the ZIP-file in the Plugins directory on your WordPress dashboard.

After activating the Plugin you need to enter the activation code you received via Email in the Plugin settings (i.e. Customizer).

You can find all your active product licenses, downloads and any related information by logging in to Account.

Go to Account. If you cannot login try to reset your password.

If you purchased a product, you have received an Email including a receipt as part of your purchase. You can view your orders under Account. If you deleted the order Email you can request a copy by sending an Email with the order details to

You can withdraw from a purchase within a period of 14 days.

Login to your dashboard, click on the Deactivate button in the Product table under Downloads and follow the instructions. We will refund the full price.

Please note that the license will be withdrawn and that the activation key will not work anymore.

Refunding a payment is a manual procedure which takes some time to be completed. However if you didn’t receive payment within a couple of weeks after deactivating your License, please get in touch with us:

To help us improve our services it would be nice if you could inform us about the reasons why you’re not happy.

Our products are released under the GPLv2+ license (GNU General public license version 2.0 or later) which can be read here:

We need to store personal information (including your name, Email address, Postal address, etc.) you provided during checkout for transmitting you a receipt, for creating an account and for keeping billing records which is required by law.

Furthermore we store your license key to be able to provide you with automatic updates.

Payments are handled by a professional payment service provider. We never store any sensitive payment information.

You can request a Personal Data Export anytime by sending us an Email:

Billing records need to be stored for 7 years due to legal requirements.

Other data related to your personal user account will be kept in our database as long as you are an active user with access credentials. You can request a Personal Data Export anytime by sending us an Email:

The Free version of the Plugin can be translated via You can find a Getting Started guide here:

The Pro version can only be translated via translation files that are available within the plugin. The POT file which is required as a basis can be found in the /languages Plugin folder. and have published great articles which explain in detail how to localize their WordPress Plugin and which tools to use:

A good post with a technical background on Internationalization in WordPress 5+ can be found here:

Don’t forget to backup any custom translations you included into the plugin. They may get overwritten during Plugin updates.

If you have translated the Pro version into your language and would like to have your translation file included int he Plugin sources you may reach out to us via the Support forum. Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Support requests and ideas can be submitted in our Support forum (Pro version) or in the WordPress Plugin directory if it is related to the free version.

If you you would like to contribute you can find all required information on the Contribution Guidelines page.

We can only provide support for any questions related to our products and services. If you already have purchased a product you can login with your store credentials in our Support forum and post your request there. If you cannot login or don’t have an account yet you need to Register a new user first.

Please make sure to provide a detailed explanation including all information that is needed to be able to fully understand your request.

Unfortunately linking post translations with WPML is not supported at the moment due to technical interferences while saving the post meta data.

If you need to translate Billy [PRO] posts you could give Polylang a try. It’s free and really easy to setup.

Please make sure that the directory /mpdf/tmp is writable by the server. This directory is needed for temporary storage of important PDF data.