Getting Started

Please note: This is a Starter Theme meant for hacking and should not be used as a Parent Theme. No autoupdates will be available for the code base.

  1. Recommended: Set up a Localhost DEV environment first.
  2. The new Site Editor makes the whole site customizable via blocks and therefor significantly changes the development process of WordPress Themes. Block themes work with WordPress 5.9+ but since the Site Editor features are under rapid development it is strongly recommended to always use the latest version of WordPress.
  3. Download the Starter Theme and unzip it in the /wp-content/themes directory of your WordPress instance.
  4. Make sure that npm is installed on your system.
  5. Open the Project folder in your Terminal/Shell and run the following command to install all required packages:
    $ npm install
  6. Open the localhost site in a new browser window.
  7. Run the watch script and start developing by editing the frontend SASS/JS assets. You can also modify theme.json to change the global FSE settings for the block editor including the CSS variables: https://developer.wordpress.org/block-editor/how-to-guides/themes/theme-json
  8. Run the watch script and start developing by editing the frontend SASS/JS assets:
    $ npm run watch
  9. Depending on your setup, the server will refresh the page when file changes are detected. Please make sure to disable caching in your browser dev tools.
  10. After development run the build script to minify the assets for the live system:
    $ npm run build
  11. Launch the Site Editor and setup the templates and template parts, upload a site logo and add the menu links.
  12. Optional: Read and understand the following guide https://developer.wordpress.org/block-editor/how-to-guides/block-based-theme. Afterwards go to https://them.es/setup to learn how to setup and use the Theme on your instance.

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