Support Theme

Build a Community and create a Customer Support forum, Bulletin, a Documentation site or similar powered by WordPress

/səˈpɔːt/ or /səˈpɔ:rt/
The act or an instance of
sustaining, upholding, helping, advocating for.
  1. WordPress Block Theme
  2. Simple setup
  3. Clean and straightforward design layout with two theme-styles |
  4. Search autocomplete
  5. User profiles with avatar uploader
  6. Categories
  8. Markdown syntax
  9. Users can Mark requests as (un)resolved
  10. Users can Like or Report posts and comments
  11. GDPR/CCPA compliant by incorporating data request and deletion forms
  12. Privacy by design – you’re in full control of your WordPress instance
  13. Just WordPress dependencies with Interactivity API* and Vanilla JS – no artificial flavors added

*WordPress v6.5+ or Gutenberg Plugin required
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** You can preview and see this product in action here!